How To Use Slug Gone

Slug Gone pure wool slug pellets are manufactured from the fleece of sheep. Wool fibres have very fine scales with small barbs on the tip called cuticle cells. These cause wool fibres to felt and matt together. Wool fibres are very hygroscopic and this, plus the sand and grit already in the compound and the potassium salts from the sweat glands of the sheep, absorbs some of the slime from the slug’s foot to cause irritation, resulting in the slug finding easier feeding methods.

Not only do the slug pellets keep Slugs and Snails at bay, the pellets are also a good mix and balance for growing plants, fruit and vegetables. The pellets hold twice their own weight in water so they act as an excellent mulch, a weed suppressant, a soil conditioner and slow release fertiliser.

Slug Gone is 100% natural, ideal for organic gardening and is safe for children, animals and garden wildlife.


Firstly, clean the area around the plant and gather a large handful of pellets.


The wool pellets are then placed around the plants in a 6″ – 8″ diameter collar (the pellets must all be touching).


Water the pellets well, and after a short period of time they will bind together, forming an insulation mat around the plant that will not blow or wash away.


This will stay undisturbed around the plant for up to 12 months as it slowly biodegrades and breaks down.